5 Whatsapp Updates that will blow your mind in 2019.

These 5 updates will be coming in 2019.

1. Dark mode of WhatsApp

5 Whatsapp Updates: Dark Mode whatsapp update for whatsapp will become very comfortable for whatsapp users.
It will make very comfortable access of using whatsapp at night mode.
Whatsapp night mode will save your battery.
This new update of whatsapp is now under process, it will come to you very soon.

2. Add contact on whatsapp

5 Whatsapp Updates: The whatsapp which we are using now is not having add contact option.
We need to fetch the contact from our android device first we need to save the contact then we are able to see that contact in our whatsapp, but in this upcoming feature of whatsapp add contact is given in itself Whatsapp App.
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3. Contact sharing using QR CODE

5 Whatsapp Updates: I am Happy to tell you guys that whatsapp is working on this an amazing feature where you are able to share your contact just by using QR code without promting those boring numbers like 98 67 bla bla bla..
It is very easy you just need to scan your QR code with your friends android device thats it and your number will be easily taken by the other device.
Like instagram, snapchat is started nametag and snapcode like that.

4. Whatsapp rank your contacts.

5 Whatsapp Updates: Whatsapp contact Ranking means now there is no need to pin the chats which you are frequently needed. It will automatically Rank those chats, in order to detect which contact you interact with more than other contacts.

5. Private Reply

5 Whatsapp Updates: Private Reply option is use to make private replies i.e. if you are chatting in a group and you want to keep yur reply private to that particular contact, you can simply tap on private reply and keep your reply 5 Whatsapp Updates private.

These are the 5 important as well as very useful changes or updates will be coming soon in 2019 how you guys are excited to use these whatsapp updates after Whatsapp Stickers please let us know in the comments..

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