The Best UPI app for instant payments | Top 5 UPI apps for instant payment

Top 5 Best UPI app for instant payments

UPI (Unified Payments Interface) is an instant and real time payment system.
UPI currently partners with about 50 banks, Here you need to generate VPA but only if you have any of the banks where UPI service is provided.
Once you generated VPA, So you can start sharing or receiving payments.

Here in my blog I have explained only top 5 best UPI app where you can do your instant payments, because they are secure and easy to use.

1. BHIM (Bharat Interface for Money).

BHIM (Bharat Interface for Money), Is a mobile app, Which has access of UPI.
This is very good app and it has high security so that your payments will be secured.
How it works?
Watch the video for details.

The best UPI apps for instant payments | Top 5 UPI apps for instant payment.

Services Of BHIM App:

  1. Send / Receive Money
  2. Check Balance
  3. Custom Payment Address
  4. QR Code
  5. Transaction Limits

2. WhatsApp Payments

WhatsApp Payments are one of the very easy and secure platform for the payments.
Though it is not available for every version i.e. it is not officially available in every whatsapp versions but many people are using it.

Whatsapp payments are featured by UPI.

Conditions of whatsapp payments.

See the video for more clarification.

Services of Whatsapp Payments.

  1. Add multiple bank accounts
  2. Transaction History
  3. Pay by using QR code
  4. Send and Receive Money

3. Google TEZ

TEZ is Mobile Payments service which is service by GOOGLE.
Here in TEZ app you don’t need to share any personal information.
Every bank is support to UPI with TEZ bank, but initially TEZ was come with only 4 big banks.

Watch video for more clarification.

4. ICICI bank app using UPI

UPI enables bank account holders to send or receive money using VPA. In this you don’t need to add any additional bank details.
One id does all the work of linking bank account and it creates an ID by using that ID you can do your payments is known as VPA(Virtual Payment Address) Id.

Using ICICI bank app using UPI payment is secure.

5. Instamojo

Instamojo the best UPI app is Multi Channel payment gateway for indians.
Most of the people use this method who are having business or e commerce website
Instamojo app is used to collect payments from different platforms.
Instamojo UPI is the best option to collect your payments through various platforms like SMS, Email, Whatsapp etc.

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