how to Earn money on Facebook | Facebook monetization

 how to Earn money on Facebook? 

Indians, there is good news for you, Facebook is starting a platform where you can start earning through making and posting videos.

Earn money on Facebook

How to Earn money on Facebook? Like YouTube monetization now Facebook also started monetization on videos so you can Earn money on facebook.

Facebook is a very largely used social media account where billions of people used to upload post, share post, like etc.
Every second person is using FaceBook but only drawback was there how to Earn money on Facebook? that we were unable to earn money through Facebook.
But how to Earn money on Facebook, Facebook is going to launch their new features or new tool in 2019 Earn money on Facebookthrough which we can earn money

The biggest social media website Facebook has launched its new tool i.e. Facebook Monetization.
Now you can monetize your videos which you are uploading on Facebook.

What is Monetization? How to Earn money on Facebook

Monetization (also written monetisation) is the process of converting or establishing something into legal tender.

Guys it’s a great new it is really great news. Now our videos will not just get likes and views but also they can gives us money.

Yes but there are some conditions..
Bhai abhi kuch pane ke liye kuch to khona padega he
So now whenever you want to upload a video make sure it should be minimum 3 minutes long then only facebook will show an advertisement on your video, Because if our video is longer it would be easy to display an advertisement on our video.

Now make video not just for likes but make it for entertainment as well as to earn money.

This is really fantastic tool I hope so, at least for me it is really great platform to earn money in a hasty manner.

What you guys are thinking please let me know in the comments section.

This facebook monetization is starting only in India and it will be applicable in 2019.

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