How to get online Local Train Ticket in a minute using UTS App

How to get online Local Train Ticket in a minute using UTS App.

Stop waiting in a long queue for railway tickets.
UTS App made it very easy to Get Railway Ticket only in 1 Minute.

Yes it is possible.
How? For that read my blog.

To get local Railway Ticket as well as Monthly Pass you need to download UTS Application.

Download From Here

Open the app, You must have do some Authentication Process using Google Account because of the security purposes, Then you will get a Window as shown in picture.

Application Feature
1. Quick Booking – Book Ticket using frequent travel routes.
2. Normal Booking – Book Ticket for any suburban routes.
3. Cancel Ticket – Cancel a Ticket before taking Ticket Printout @ Kiosk.
4. Booking History – Show already booked tickets with rebook option.
5. Profile – Manage the passenger profile and check RWallet balance.
6. Logout – The application will shutdown.

But to get a ticket you must Recharge your wallet so at very first you need to recharge your wallet by filling your information.

How to Recharge ?

To recharge your UTS R-Wallet, Click on R-Wallet then you will get a form where you need to fill everything.


You will get a window then you need to add amount which is starting from Rs.100, You can enter the amount as per your budget and then fill up your card details.

You can recharge with Paytm or Mobikwik.

Fill up the details carefully and get a recharge.

Note: Whenever you recharge you will get 5% Extra.
Example you want to recharge of RS. 100 then you will get RS. 105 in your R-Wallet.

How to get Ticket?

Here you will be getting 2 options.

1. Paper Ticket.
2. Paperless Ticket.
You can choose as per your preference.
Now are you thinking how?
Dont worry read my remaining blog and you will get master in UTS and you can save your half of the life from those boring Queues.


1. Click on the BOOK TICKET.


2. If you are taking a ticket for the first time then click on normal ticket otherwise you can go for the QUICK BOOKING where your previous tickets are saved.

 UTS App gives you 2 options as I mentioned.

Either you can choose Paperless Ticket or Printed Ticket.


1.Click on Paperless and you will get a Window where you need to fill up your Source and Destination details, But UTS comes with some Terms And Conditions.

Fill up the details carefully and then click on OK and get the Ticket.


For Printed Ticket you need to do the same process as above but you must have to take a Printout of your Ticket from the Station.

Read Terms and Conditions.

Before you read this blog read Terms and Conditions of UTS App.

How to Get Monthly Pass?

To Get monthly pass, Click on SEASON TICKET.


You will get same options as mentioned above for the normal ticket choose accordingly PAPER OR PAPERLESS.


Choose ISSUE TICKET If you are doing it for the first time otherwise you can go for RENEW TICKET.

Fill up the location information and then another window will open as shown in picture below.

Here you need AADHAR CARD Number. You can also add pass duration like Monthly, Quarterly, Yearly etc.
Now click on ok your Pass is ready.

Terms and Conditions.

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