How to make TikTok videos 2018

How to make TikTok videos 2018




I am one of those kids who come back from school and switch on my TV put on the music channel try to dance on it and try to dub on musics.

WHY TikTok?

But now a day it is so easy to dub on songs and movie dialogues by using some dubbing apps.
Now a day TikTok is one of them, millions of people are using TikTok app to enhance their talent and to showcase their talent to the whole world,
Where people can like, comment or share those video to other.


1. At very first you need to go to the play store and download TikTok app as shown in picture.



2. Download is complete, you need to login using Google Account to the app now app will start to show you the videos of another user.


3. You can follow the other TikTok users what you need to do is you just need to swipe left and tap on follow.



4. If you want to shoot your own video by making any sound simply click on plus (+) sign which is at bottom.

5. Now you will get a display as shown in the picture.



7. TikTok also gives you a facility to make a video on other user’s song.
For that you need to click on the icon shown in the picture.



8. You will get something like shown in picture now click on that camera icon to shoot the video on the same song which is done by other user.



9. Now you can shoot your video by holding the same video camera button.  You can set timer and you can add filters by clicking on icons shown in the picture.



10. Once your video is ready you can upload it on your profile or you can save it into the draft.

I hope you like to read this if yes share it to your friends and also comment below Thank You.

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