How to reduce Image size

Keeping the size of the image smaller takes less space, and the website page loads quickly.

We can reduce the photo size in three easy ways-

How to reduce image size, Here I have discussed easiest way with you kindly read the blog and let me know in the comments section.

  1. Online Photo Size Tool
  2. Microsoft Paint
  3. Microsoft Office Photo Viewer

How to reduce online photo size

Change the photo size in KB –

Go to the Internet search site and go to Web Photo Resizer home page will open in front of you.

How to reduce image size

To reduce image size Tap on Resize Photos Here button given in the home page. Then click on Choose File button.

How to reduce image size

Open your image. Go to upload image button and you will see your original image and optimized image.

How to reduce image size

Insert the size in your given box as per your need and press Start over button.

Download and save the reduced size photo from Download this image.

Easiest way of reducing photo size using whatsapp.

Just simply send a photo to your friend on Whatsapp and tell him/her to resend you back and your photo size will reduce automatically.

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