Terms and conditions of UTS App | Online Ticket Booking using UTS App.

Terms and conditions of UTS App

UTS App is very useful that it saves us from those long queues of ticket booking lines but it comes with some terms and conditions because of security of authentication purposes.
Which are those?

Let’s see.

Paperless Ticket

1. We need to travel within an hour after booking.
2. You cannot book your ticket from station premises, you need to be away from station at least 100 meters.
3.  Able select only those stations which are nearby you.


Printed Ticket

1. You can select any source or destination.
2. You need to take print of the ticket from the station.
3. If you failed to take print then it is equal to No Ticket.


About Recharge of R-Wallet

1. You need to do Recharge of minimum Rs. 100.
2. Do your Recharge in between 7 am to 12 pm, otherwise it will fail.


Other Conditions.

1. You cannot book your Ticket from Station Premises, you need to have distance of atleast 100 meters.

2. If you are booking your Monthly Pass it will start working from the next day.
Example if I am booking my pass today but it will start working from tomorrow.


How to get Online Ticket using  UTS App.


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