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Vidmate App

This a very good and free movie , music , youtube video downloader app. You can download anything from thisĀ  Vidmate App.

Now let’s see how it works.

Though this is not available on playstore so please be aware by downloading any fake apps from playstore because there are many fake vidmate apps are available on playstore which are similar to vidmate.

Here is the APK link through which you can easily download the and install Vidmate App.

Steps To download Vidmate App


1. Click on the given link then you will get a Window as shown in the picture.

Scroll down and click on download vidmate for Android as shown in above picture.



2. Then You will get the above window and then click on DOWNLOAD. Now your download will start.

3. Once your download is completed you just click on the downloaded symbol then you will get the window as shown in picture.


4. Now simply click on install.

5.Once your app is installed you can download anything now because vidmate app gives you many facilities like you can download songs, movies, youtube videos etc.

6. Type anything you want to download in that search button, suppose you want to download song from youtube.

7. Add song name on search pannel then tap on search you will get a window like shown in the picture.

Click on the arrow if you want to download that song or video, it will give you to the pop up where you can select the video or audio to be downloaded.


8. Because of the special thing of this vidmate app that it gives you variety’s of quality option so that you can choose wisely.



8. Now after choosing your preferences you can click download button.

9. It will start your download and within a minute your song or video will be downloaded.


While you are downloading this Vidmate App it will give a message like it will harm your device but don’t worry it will be safe as I am using this app for 2 years.

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