Affiliate Marketing

How to earn money from Affiliated Marketing. Make Money Form Affiliated Marketing

What is Affiliate Marketing?

It is very old but famous technology of making online money.
Every blogger using this technique to earn online money.
People can earn lots of money using A.M.

Let’s discuss more about it.

What Is Affiliate Marketing?

Is a medium where we can put any product link on our blog or website so that people can buy that product through our website.

If any of the visitors of your website clicks on that link and purchase that product then some commission from that product amount will be yours.

That is call as An Affiliate Marketing Income.We can put this link on any website or any blog and can start earning immediately.

SEO is also main part of thisA.
If you have done very good SEO of your blog you the. will have more trafic.

Some Terms about Affiliate Marketing.


Affiliates are those people who used to earn money using Affiliate Marketing by doing promotion i.e. of any products.

Affiliate Program

There are many companies who are connected with Affiliate Programs. These are the companies who gives you permission to promote their products and gives some commission to you i.e.
Example: Amazon, Flipkart, Blue Host etc.

Affiliate Link

link is a link which company allows it’s Affiliates to promote their products but after sign in.

Payment Mode

Affiliate Marketing Payment mode is a mode through which company pays you the Money. Using this mode user will get payment.
Most of the company uses cheque, wire transfer, paypal and etc.

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