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Whatsapp stickers

Now create and send your own custom whatsapp stickers as well as in built stickers on WhatsApp: Here’s the process…
Now, anyone can create their own stickers package and add to WhatsApp, thanks to ‘Stickotext sticker maker App’ for WhatsApp’ Android app.

Here is how do we do that ??

WhatsApp users can now create their own custom stickers packs or use the whatsapp stickers packs which are already there as shown in the picture and send them to friends and family. stickers, which were launched last month, have become popular quickly. During Diwali festivals, custom stickers got instant hit. Now, anyone can create their own stickerspack and add to WhatsApp, thanks to ‘Stickotext as well as other sticker maker apps similer to that apps for WhatsApp’ Android app. This is possible as WhatsApp has added support for third-party sticker packs as well.

Stickotext’ is one of the easiest ways to use stickers on WhatsApp and here is how to use:


1. To create your own sticker packs, Android users you will need to download the ‘Stickotext’ app from the Google        Play Store.

2. Once the app is downloaded, click on the “Create a new whatsapp stickers pack” option.

3. Once you click on create your own whatsapp stickers you will get the following options as shown in the picture..

4. Now you can simply download the options from the given stickers or you can customize your own sticker by clicking on gallery icon.

5. Now you need to choose minimum 3 icons or images from gallery which you wanted to make as a sticker.

6. Now simply click on that plus icon and you can see those stickers on your whatsapp.

7. As well as you can get those default stickers too by clicking on sticker pack and adding them by clicking on plus( + ) sign.


Now create your own customized whatsapp stickers and send them on whatsapp…



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