Top Best Whatsapp Tricks and Tips

WhatsApp Tricks and Tips you should know

Whatsapp is a most using communication platform. whatsapp has many features like chatting with friends, sending photos, files etc.

There are billions of people who are using whatsapp.

whatsapp has many tricks and tips to use now we will see those.

1. How we can create Bold text, Italic text or Strikethrough text on whatsapp?

whatsapp tricks and tips

Don’t be shock guyz these are one of the best techniques of whatsapp and many people are not known about this.
Don’t be one of them be smart and intelligent towards whatsapp Now lets see how we can do this?

1. For BOLD: Simply you need to put asterisk(*) without adding any space example *crazzysid*.

2. For Italic: Now if you want to make any word italic then you need to add underscore (_) at beginning and end of the word without space, for example _crazzysid_.

3. To make a strikethrough text like Crazzysid. You just need to add tilde (~) at the beginning at end of the word without any space. For example ~Crazzysid~.

4. To add monospace text like Crazzysid. You just need to add three grave accents (“`) at the beginning at end of the word without any space. For example  “`crazzysid“`.

2. Add message to give a reply to particular message

Best Whatsapp tricks 2018

When we are chatting on whatsapp sometime it leads to confusing situation about the reply which we are getting is exactly on which question?
Don’t worry whatsapp is having solution on you just need to slide your message at right then you will get that message into your chat option automatically as shown in picture so that you can send the reply in very easier way.

3. Now you can stop auto downloading of media using mobile data. how? Read the following tips.

whatsapp tricks and tips

This is one of the favourite tricks of most of the people which saves your mobile data.
But many people are not known about these tricks but be one of them become more intelligent coz you are readers of Crazzysid guys.

All you need to do is, firstly disable the app’s ability to download media on mobile data.
This is done via Setting>Data and Storage>Usage>When using mobile data

By using this trick you can restrict or non restrict Photos, Audio, Video and documents by using mobile data. Which will save your mobile data as well as storage.

4. Whatsapp calling eating your lots of data? Read this and save your data

Best Whatsapp tricks 2018

Nowadays whatsapp calling is more handy and used feature of whatsapp.
But they can consume a lots of data of our mobile data now we can save our mobile data, How? Do this settings.

Go to the Settings>Data and Storage usage>Low data usage and tick that box as shown in picture.

5. Get overall statistics of Whatsapp data usage

whatsapp tricks and tips

An android phone is having facility to see mobile data statistics. But whatsapp is giving data usage tracking category by category.

To see the mobile data usage you need to go to the settings>Data storage usage>Network

You can see that mobile data usage stats by using contact number also that which person has consumed how many data?
How? See the steps
Settings>Data and storage usage> Storage usage

Best Whatsapp tricks 2018

6. You can clear those files and save your storage

whatsapp tricks and tips

Now you just cannot see the usage of data but also you can delete those data to save your memory storage

All you need to do that go to Settings>Data and Storage>Storage usage

Now from these you can choose a contact or group and click to manage nessages. So now if you have found any group is having 50mb of videos clips then simply keep the video category checked while unchecking everything else. You will then get a clear message button and choose whether starred message and include in the wipe.

7. Request your Account Info

Best Whatsapp tricks 2018

As like Facebook, Twitter, Whatsapp also gives you a ZIP file of your account information and settings. This doesn’t include your message though, only collecting your profile photo, group name, and the like if you agreed to the Facebook data policy.

How to achieve that?

Visit Setting>Account>Request account info, then click on request report it will take 2 to 3 days to generate the report or it has a rights to cancel your request in case you delete or re register your account or you changed your number.

8. You can Email that chat to yourself or to others

whatsapp tricks and tips

Whatsapp gives a very basic and useful facility that you can email the full chat to yourself or you can send it to others for a backup purpose or for another reason.

Go to Settings>Chats>Chat History, then click on Email chat from here, your chat menu will pop up on that u need to allow specific group chat or a specific contact chat which you want to mail.

Once you chose a contact or a group it will ask you to include media or only send a clear chat and emojis. Then accordingly certain questions will be asked which you need to answer them.

9. Activation of Two steps verification

Best Whatsapp tricks 2018

Whenever you feel like to change your device whatsapp will ask you number and a one time pin when you change a devices.

To enabling 2 step verification, it means that accessing your account on a new phone even if they have your sim card. To enables that, you have to visit Settings>Account>Two step verification.
from here you will be getting a six digit code whenever you add a whatsapp on new phone.

10. Add shortcut contact on your Homescreen

whatsapp tricks and tips

Whatsapp is having a facility to add any contact shortcut on your home screen so that you can quickly reply to that particular group or contact

Visit more> Add shortcut then simply click on add to confirm your decision.

11. Disable blue tick

whatsapp tricks and tips

Whatsapp is having a facility that you can disable that gray tik to become blue even if you read the message.

Sounds interesting?
Let’s see then how you can do that?

goto Settings>Account>Privacy and uncheck the box as shown in the picture.

Remember this works in both the sides in receiver as well as sender side too.

12. You can see who read your group message

whatsapp tricks and tips

One of Whatsapp trick is you can see that who is reading or not reading your messages which yo have sent in a whatsapp group.
Hold on your message now it will become blue or highlighted now go to those Three dots at right corner then click on info,

now  you will get all info about your message is readed or just sent etc.

13. Hide your “last seen”

whatsapp tricks and tips

Now it is possible to hide your last seen from whatsapp so that people will not come to know when you were online last time.
Just go to settings>Account>Privacy. Now you can set your last seen accordingly, you can hide it from everyone, from your contact or you can show your last seen if you wish to.
Also, from this section you can do adjustments of your profile photo privacy as well as your status privacy setting as shown in the picture.

14. See the contact which you have blocked

whatsapp tricks and tips

If you are getting irritated by someone’s message, there is a facility given by whatsapp that you can simply block that contact.
Go to Settings>Account>privacy here you will get blocked contact list and if you are willing to block someone then go to the chatbox of particular contact which you want to block then simply tap on three dots go to more and click on block.

15. Send your Live location

whatsapp tricks and tips

Whatsapp is having very good feature that you can send your live location so that people can find you at exact location.
Or if you want to track your friend you can catch them by tracking their live location.
Click on attachment sign(Attachment Pin) which is in your chat box in this you will get location option by clicking on it you can choose your options to send your live location or just a location it’s up to you.

16. Mute group or contact message notifications

whatsapp tricks and tips

You can mute contact notifications for 8 hr, 1 week or for 1 year.

Go to the particular chat which you wanted to mute, now click on those three dots now tap on mute notification then accordingly you can mute the notification for year, week or hours.

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