YouTube Story new update

Do you know about YouTube Story new update ?

As like Instagram, YouTube rolling out its new feature.

YouTube Story

YouTube Story new update is the best feature of Youtube where you people can share your Stories like you share on Instagram and Facebook.

There are some mejor differences in between Instagram and YouTube stories,
That is instagram stories are visible only for 24 hours whereas Youtube story last for 7 days.

This Story tab will appear beside the Community Tab.

In this story tab you will be able to add any video, any post, and you can add any image.


Because of this Beautiful YouTube Story new update, Youtuber can interact with their fans. YouTubers can share their activities by using this feature so fans can leave comments or can ask questions on story.

By using this Owesom feature, YouTubers can share their Behind the scenes moments, Because of Youtube story feature people engagement will increase.

But there is some disadvantage comes with good things.

The disadvantage is that only 10,000 subscriber YouTuber are allowed to use this Youtube Story Feature.

What you people are thinking about this beautiful YouTube story feature please let us know in the comments section, Because Your Comments are our Motivation.

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